Art Gallery 2
Some of these are available in prints.  Just email your request.

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"Consider the   Lilies"
 30x40 Acrylic  (Sold)

"Home From     Church" 
 30x40 - 16x20  (Sold)

in the Sun" 
 22x28 Acrylic   (Sold)



 16x24 Acrylic     (Sold)




 "Feathered Friends" 
 22x28 Oil   (Sold)

"Wind Surfer"
22x28 Acrylic (Sold)


"Brittany & Jasmine"
30x36 Acrylic


"To Market"
 30x40 Acrylic

24x36 Acrylic     (Sold)

"Quiet Time"
 20x24 Acrylic   (Sold)

 30x40 Acrylic   (Sold)

 22x28 Acrylic   (Sold)

"Order My Steps"
 16x20 Acrylic  (Sold)

"Lady in Waiting"

 30x40 Acrylic 
22x28 Oil     (Sold)
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